I love the transformation result of home staging and interior design.

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  Welcome! My name is Amanda Squiassi Coffin. 

Growing up back in Brazil, I was a creative and competitive child that enjoyed finding solutions for the challenges I would face. My favorite part was playing with my wooden doll house, where I would set the furniture up in each room.
When I was ready for college I decided to get my bachelor's degree in Architecture and Urbanism even though I wasn’t 100% sure if this was going to be my forever career. I worked in that field for a little bit and the part I most liked was Interior Design.

Life brought me to the U.S. as an au pair, since I felt the need to take a break in my career to figure out better who I was and what I wanted to work with. For a moment I thought working with kids, but still, I felt like I should be using my creativity more and in a different way. That was when after working nonstop for 2.5 years with kids I had the chance and support from my lovely husband to spend summer with my mother and sister visiting, and I found a hobby: finding furniture for free and repurposing it, I changed cushions to make it look nicer, and I just loved the transformation part of it. So I enrolled myself to an Interior Design online classes to better understand the field. I really enjoyed learning about everything that comes with interior designing and one day I asked myself, what is my passion about Interior Design?

I knew I enjoyed helping people to improve their quality of life and transforming the space with a better furniture arrangement. The answer was already there for me to see it: I would always find myself on the Zillow app looking for houses and thinking about how I would set up the furniture on each room to make it look nice. I spent my free time helping friends and family with layout proposals and projects so they would enjoy better their spaces. And many times, I would rearrange furniture inside my own home always trying to achieve the best setting for the space. That is when I realized that I had found my passion and I knew home staging was for me. I am happy to say I am a certified home stager graduated from HSR and my goal is to help sellers to sell their property and help buyers to envision themselves living in that space to call it home."

Check out my portfolio, read about the service I offer, and lets start working together soon!